Creative, custom-made storage cabinets.

 Sufficient storage is the single thing that will radically transform and untangle your home. Without a doubt the best way to optimize the space you have is with tailor-made cupboards. Consider an entire wall of storage concealed behind stunning timber panels, or turning an under-stair space into  beautiful and practical cupboards and drawers. When you are custom making storage spaces from a blank sheet anything is achievable. You can see some of our space creation examples in our folio.

Commissioned furniture and creative, custom-made storage cabinets.

Beautifully tailor-made timber cabinetry brings order, functionality, and sophistication into your home. Individually designed and creatively finished bookshelves, storage and tables improve your home and provide a quiet satisfaction every day that you live with them. So if a space isn’t quite working, consider having a unique piece tailor-made. We work with solid timber and premium timber finishes and veneers to create heirloom quality pieces that improve the experience of your home.


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