Process and Pricing

How we price your bookshelves, cabinetry and furniture:

Discussing price can be awkward, not because it’s impolite, but because every project is unique. If you’ll take the time to read this page, we’ll explain why a ‘quick guesstimate’ is often difficult, and give you a framework to move forward.

Bespoke cabinetry is a world away from flatpack furniture

We understand that different solutions have vastly different price points.

The type of projects we are commissioned for, you simply cannot
get off the shelf, and that’s part of what makes our results so special. But there’s no getting around it: retail furniture costs considerably less. If your decision is based on price alone, we may not be the right people.

A master craftsman making high quality, individual pieces in fine timbers cannot compete with a factory pumping out cookie cutter cabinets. But those factories cannot create the individualised, beautiful built-in cabinetry that we can do for you.

Built-in bookshelves versus retail furniture – a price comparison:


Mass produced bookshelves   $300


Store bought bookshelves $4,500

Santer Interiors

Built-in bookshelves $10,000

We’re more akin to interior architecture than furniture:

Finely crafted, built-in cabinetry is a specialist field. If you judge our costs against retail furniture, you may think it expensive. If you compare our costs to home renovation then we provide a highly cost-effective way to ‘uncompromise’ your home. Tailor-made cabinetry will enhance the look of your home and make it ‘smoother’ to live in, bringing practicality and sophistication that you simply cannot get off-the-shelf – at any price.


‘Here’s a picture, how much would you charge for this?’

It’s a perfectly simple question that we’re asked all the time, unfortunately, the answer has complexity. If you understand finely crafted, custom made cabinetry is a significant step up from retail furniture, and you’d like to move onward to an accurate cost, then we will ask for a small commitment from you.


Creating fine cabinetry is an exacting process, and so is the estimating process:

To give you an accurate quote for your project, we need an accurate design blueprint. A concept drawing or similar is not enough. We need to create our own construction blueprint, that considers hundreds of small details: the type of timber or veneer, the direction of the grain, the type of joints, the hardware, what can be done in the factory, what needs doing on location and more.

To create a working construction design we need to visit your home, measure up and create an accurate 3D visualisation to plan the materials and process. Doing this can take a day or more of our time, so we charge around $300. We keep the cost as low as possible, and if you decide not to go ahead, the images are yours to keep.

Inspiration Yay

Rip-off Nay

We are sometimes asked to create a replica, but this is something we don’t do as we take great pride in making unique, one-off pieces. However, if you are flexible, we are more than happy to look at all sorts of pieces for inspiration to create something that is individual and truly yours.

To arrange a no-obligation meeting with Neil at our studio workshop in Midland please use the link below:

built in stair cabinetry
custom made bookshelves
custom made bookcase
Custom made bar for man cave
Luxury feature table
Custom made display cabinet
Built in wall cabinetry with feature paneling
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