Elevate your home with creative, custom-made furniture.

Imagine a table with a river of glass running through the middle – you can imagine it, but who would you possibly get to make it? Perhaps you’ve imagined a beautiful credenza, tailor-made for your entry hall: with a hidden compartment that provides secure storage for your keys, sunglasses, and purse, with an iPhone charger built-in. It would be an elegant addition to your home, nice to look at, silken to touch, and useful on daily basis. This is the sort of project we love to create: a singular piece of furniture that positively enhances the way your home works, and becomes a delight to live with. Besides, truly individual furniture pieces reveal something of your personality as well as completing your home.

Get perfect proportions when your furniture is tailored for its position.

When your furniture is built-in or tailor-made for the exact spaces you can get the proportions just right. It means the piece will fit perfectly, look fabulous, enhance your home and perform its function seamlessly. Like any artwork, your furniture needs space around it to be appreciated. By tailoring the size not only will the piece look better but your homes overall feeling of spaciousness is enhanced.


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