Uncompromise your home with tailor-made cabinetry.

The cost of moving to a new house is significant, especially when compared to the cost of refreshing and optimizing your current home with tailored furniture and cabinetry. The beauty and practicality of your home are improved the moment you start furnishing it thoughtfully. Tailor-made cupboards and cabinets must be the most cost-effective way to update and renovate a home, whether it’s old or new.

Give your home that architect look with a custom-cabinet make-over.

Contemporary design emphasizes open plan living where one space dissolves into the next, and spaces are delineated by use. It’s a wonderful look but to ensure it stays looking great requires plenty of storage: usually more than architects and builders allow for. This is where we can help. Tailor-made cabinetry will enhance the look of your home and make it ‘smoother’ to live in. Custom designed pieces bring practicality and sophistication.

We love whole-room projects as they absolutely make a transformative difference not just to one room, but to your whole house.

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