Custom-made indoor and outdoor dining tables.

A table brings people together. It is where we break bread together, share stories, make things, laugh and play. But they are often an overlooked opportunity to make a creative statement. A stable horizontal surface is the only mandatory with a table: everything else can be as creative as you want. From the painstaking build that was our ‘River of Glass’ dining table to a robust, rustic outdoor setting, we’d love to hear what you have in mind.

Get a designer’s eye with a master craftsman’s skill.

Neil Santer applies elegant design and meticulous craftsmanship and real enthusiasm to every single project.

• Elegant and finessed, one-off designs, just for you.
• We hand select all timbers and natural wood veneers.
• We use the highest quality engineered substrates for stability.
• Grain patterns are book-matched in a cathedral finish.
• We do not use reconstituted, dyed or printed veneers.
• Mortice and tenon construction for integrity and longevity.
• Extreme UV resistant coating for Perth conditions.
• Highly durable, automotive two-pack coating for protection.
• Highest quality German hardware. We recommend Blum.
• My reputation rests on every piece I create.


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