Style-up your home with creative, tailor-made furniture and cabinets.

You know how some homes feel just right. Everything seems to fall into place perfectly. It doesn’t feel contrived at all like it’s all just casually and naturally fallen together in a wonderfully practical and stylish manner. It’s probably down to a single ‘anchor-piece’ in the room. This is what you can achieve with the tailor-made approach. Whether it’s a centerpiece table for a room, or a suspended console to help declutter an open plan living room, we can help.

Where your cabinetry and furniture ideas are made real.

Creative furniture and cabinet design is our professional oxygen. Whatever you need we’d love to help out. Tailor-made bookcases for a rare music library, or custom-made display cabinets for designer handbag collection, even a venue-sized bar with individually crafted oak stools – for a luxury man-cave. The more unusual the better : ) We take your furniture ideas and designs, finesse them and then meticulously craft it into life. If you have an interesting furniture piece you need made, we’d love to hear from you.


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