Display Cabinets

Our display cabinets can be designed around your belongings, whether that be ornaments, sculptures or souvenirs, they can all have their special place neatly on show.  Pictures in frames, gifts, books and magazines, memorabilia or even just flowers in a vase make up your home and need a location to be seen.  Glass doors designed into your cabinet can exhibit your more valuable, treasured or sentimental items like china, glassware, trophies, air looms and any other parts of your history or current life can be safely contained and not forgotten.

The items and objects we collect are always different shapes and sizes so we can design an arrangement of compartments, shelves and drawers accordingly.  Wine racks can be made a show piece, lighting can be factored in and quality hardware options can be discussed.  We enjoy finding solutions so your cabinet meets all functional, ergonomic and aesthetic requirements.

Custom Jarrah display cabinets

Custom display cabinets above: Very pleased with this beautiful jarrah furniture piece - from the beginning  Neil worked with us to create great functionality and flexibility whilst never compromising detail and precision.  Peter Youngs- Gooseberry Hill


Mobile exhibition cabinets displaying electric lifting systems for the disabled

Seen above are exhibition cabinets displaying height adjusting lifting systems that support the disabled in their home kitchens.  Commissioned by TADWA